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Personal Trainer in Vaughan

Your Personal Fitness Trainer and Mindset Coach

  • Strength and Endurance Training

  • High-Intensity Group Workouts

  • Healthy-Eating and Weight-Loss Coaching

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Resiliency Keynote Speaking

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Best Personal Fitness Trainer in Vaughan

Personal Fitness Training

Get coaching beyond-the-reps. Whether it's for fat-loss or increased strength and endurance, you'll have a coach in your corner guiding you toward your goals.

Resiliency Mindset Coach

Mindset Coaching

Discover the power within to be more resilient. Accept vulnerability. Learn the tools to help you be the best version of yourself with mindset coaching.

Group Workouts

Be among a-community where there's no competition, only inspiration. Discover a new potential within every total-body group workout with minimal to no equipment.

Group Fitness and BootCamp Workouts

Percussive Therapy

Reward your muscles with a Theragun® Performance Treatment. Using percussive therapy, ensure your body maintains optimal performance

Theragun Percussive Massage Therapy

Have you been looking to start a journey to build strength and endurance for everyday tasks but looking for some guidance? 

Does living a life pain-free, while getting lean in the process, reside at the forefront of your mind? 


Are you searching for a lighthouse to guide you through the challenges and opportunities of life?


My name is Coach Josef. I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Senior Tactical Fitness Instructor, and Mindset Coach out of Vaughan, Ontario (Canada). My own journey into fitness and finding resilience started as someone who struggled with weight, high blood pressure, depression, anger management, and a sense of belonging.


It was in 2013, when I attended my first fitness conference, not only did I feel like I belonged, I met mentors who helped me understand what it meant to be resilient. That day lit a flame in my heart to be the best husband, father, and human I can be. It inspired me to become the fitness coach I am today. It defined my mission to guide others to gain strength and energy, feel a sense of belonging, and see the opportunity in every adversity.

Top 3 Outcomes from Working with Coach Josef

  1. Increased functional strength and endurance.

  2. Adaptable and progressive workouts that empower you.

  3. A resilient mindset ready for life's challenges.

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I've been going to Josef for about a year now, primarily for 1 on 1 training. His approach is very personalized and adaptable based on how my body is feeling including any injuries. Josef always has a new workout to challenge me, and he can adjust it on the fly based on how I'm preforming. It's super convenient to have the use of Josef's Theragun for some rapid tension relief at the end of a workout. Would recommend Josef's services for any type of training, and any experience level.

Eli V.

Josef has this wonderful ability to be very personal and professional at the same time.  Initially, I was concerned about working out at home. I didn’t have any equipment. Josef is a master of workouts with minimal equipment. Turns out you don’t need heavy, bulky and expensive equipment to workout as hard as you want. That was an eye opening experience. I also must mention Josef’s commitment to safety. He always works around back/knee/neck pains and aches. I heartily recommend Josef to anyone who want to improve and maintain their fitness.

Boris K.

Without the ability of meeting in-person, Josef’s virtual classes are the next best thing. Josef is able to see you exercise; motivating you and correcting your form as he sees fit. These group virtual classes also give me a sense of accountability; not just to show up, but to constantly improve my form and energy level.  Josef’s classes are far better than any YouTube or paid exercise videos available!

Julian P.

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