Personal Training Specialist (Canfitpro)

Healthy-Eating & Weight-Loss Coach (Canfitpro)

Kettlebell Coach (DTS Fitness Education)

Since 2014, I've been working along side my clients, guiding them toward their fitness goals, whether it's fat-loss, increased strength, or getting toned.  Using an individualized approach, the programming I design is based on my clients' current fitness capabilities with a focus on functional training and metabolic conditioning.

Being a Mindset Coach allows for a beyond-the-rep experience within each session, where each exercise is a key unlocking the door to each person's true potential.


Certified Coach Practitioner (Certified Coaches Federation)

Certified Master Coach Practitioner (Certified Coaches Federation)

Over the years, I've had the privilege of working with some of the most inspiring leaders, mentors, and coaches who helped foster a resilient mindset.  In 2017, I decided to do the same and become a Mindset Coach. To be a lighthouse for individuals who are where I used to be, guiding them to separate themselves from their limiting belief systems and shift their focus in the right direction in order to keep they resilience tanks full and achieve their goals. I've helped clients see new possibilities to prepare for half-marathons, OCRs, and 5K races; to change for better lifestyle habits to thrive; and to respond versus react when facing challenges.



START Fitness Senior Tactical Fitness Instructor
Lebert Fitness Certified Instructor & Ambassador
Certified TRIBE Team Training Coach

With my experience as a START Fitness Certified Senior Tactical Fitness Instructor, I created a local small group fitness class, titled Tactical Fit, that I lead online and from my home basement studio.  It's a program that has seen the growth of a micro-community where there’s no competition, only inspiration.  I've also worked as a Tribe FIT and Tribe CORE Coach for the local Jewish Community Centre in Vaughan, LeBOOT & LeHIIT Instructor at Fitness Nation in Mississauga (under the mentorship of Marc Lebert), and Orange Theory Fitness Coach in Vaughan. My experience allows me to coach the masses while still providing that personal touch.


In 2020, I had the honour to live out a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) - speaking at a fitness conference - on two occasions. I was first a keynote speaker for the Project H.O.P.E (Help Other People Endure) Webinar Series, organized by SGT Ken®. Then, later in the year, I hosted my first Canfitpro session. I have also been invited as a guest speaker for corporate team building events and not-for-profit groups in support of mental health initiatives, like Parents Unite, where I wholeheartedly share my stories of resilience and the tools that helped me in my journey.