My Open Letter to 2020

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Dear 2020,

I must get something off my chest and tell you how I truly feel about our relationship.

On December 31, 2019, I was honestly excited to meet you. You weren't even around yet and you were already famous as the year that promised a "clear vision" or "20/20 vision" for the following twelve months. Although, we felt like you had a bit baggage and didn't think anything of it, you gave us the drive, the motivation, and the inspiration to seize opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams. You didn't have to knock on the door, it was wide open for you.

Our relationship started off so splendidly. You delivered on your promise. My work as a fitness professional was continuing to grow. My name would appear more frequently in community social media groups as a recommendation to posts seeking in-home personal trainers. In an effort to back up my reputation and enhance my knowledge, I enrolled in a Fascia, Movement, and Assessments Course offered by Canfitpro. It felt good having that little coaching level-up. My Tactical Fit group fitness classes were getting busier and continued to see the nurturing of a micro-community out of my home basement studio. The workouts evolved with longer mindful cool-down segments that were welcomed by the members as they felt their resilience tanks fill-up. I was even contemplating on creating a 30-minute version of program for the online space to reach more people. However, I wasn't really forcing myself to open up a time for it. I guess I didn't have enough motivation.

The Mindfully Resilient Podcast was 3 episodes in and had already adopted an international following. I remember starting the podcast because I had applied to be a presenter for the 2020 Canfitpro Conference in Toronto, ON, and I decided to hone my speaking skills through podcasting. I believed it was also an opportunity to intentionally put on that "butt-glue" and develop content that can coach the listeners to discover their own resilience and create opportunities to achieve their goals and realize their dreams. Little did I know how much The Mindfully Resilient Podcast would be needed down the road.

My wife, Suzanne, fitness entrepreneur and "mom-boss," was well underway in the search of a home for The WOMB Vaughan, her new baby. A place where moms and their families can gather in "a space of origin, growth and love. It is an [integrative healthcare and] wholeness centre that nurtures and nourishes families by providing and inspiring community and connection." It's a place that the community needed.