The 4 W's to a Great Day

Updated: Apr 19

How do you seize the day? Do you roll out of bed, begrudgingly, and shuffle through your day? Perhaps, you simply plow through the task list, then crash into bed at the of the day, only to feel like you didn't accomplish anything. Or, you find yourself with some free time all the while in a limbo wondering what should get done, without really getting anything done, with hours gone by. Like with a workout, there are certain phases that must be completed in order to ensure successful and meaningful growth. In both Boot Camp Instructor certifications with SGT Ken®, I was taught 4 phases to ensure safe and impactful boot camp classes: Wake up, Warm up, Work out, and Wind down.

Start off by setting the standards and expectations for the upcoming workout, while igniting the fire within - Wake up. Get the muscles warmed up and the blood flowing with basic functional movement patterns and dynamic stretching - Warm up. Through as much smart and controlled effort as possible, work each muscle group to fatigue or failure - Work out. Bring the heart rate down with some static stretch and breathing exercises to help the muscles recover - Wind down. So, one day, it just hit me like a strength band that snapped in my face. Why not consider these 4 W’s as pillars to create a great day of amazing personal and professional growth?

Wake up

Open your eyes and sit up. Take 3 big deep breaths, then say "I get to do [fill in the blank]," and smile. Find and feel that spark in your heart. You get to do some amazing things, today. And, express gratitude for a new day, a new opportunity to be better than the day before.

Warm Up

Dial-in your morning routine to set yourself up for a successful day. For some, it's prayer, meditation, or journaling.