5 Stretches You Need To Know

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

In the past 5 months, the COVID-19 Pandemic has inadvertently turned us into seasoned desk jockeys or created that long lasting groove in our sofa or chair.  And, just in case we didn't notice, our glutes and hips are reminding us of that as we get up and walk around with undesirable tightness.

I can remember the countless times I lost track of the hours while at my desk.  I'd be focused on the work in front and fell into a groove that I didn't want to lose.  If you're anything like me, getting into a zone can sometimes be harder than the task itself.  And, not only would I go beyond an hour of sitting, punishing my hips and lower back, my posture would also deteriorate over time.  After a certain amount of time, my face would go from 2 feet away from the screen to, what felt like, 2 inches from the computer screen.  I'd fall into a "desk trans."  By the time I realized what kind of position I was in, my body had already become tight and getting up from my chair would be accompanied by a few grunts of soreness.  Fortunately, as a fitness professional, I'm now mostly on my feet and moving around.

Be mindful of your body's desire to be mobile and free.  You may need an hourly alarm to remind you to move around a bit.  Sometimes, my Apple Watch would buzz with a little reminder to at least stand.  Whenever possible, take a few minutes to refresh the muscles with some flexibility and mobility exercises.  Include it as part of your regular workout program or nightly routine, perhaps.

"Motion is lotion and movement is medicine." - Todd Durkin

A flexibility and mobility workout session may not be as attractive as a rip-your-heart-out-can't-feel-my-legs WOD (workout of the day) but, it's an essential component in your overall fitness strategy.  Extended periods of time sitting can create tightness throughout the body as a I previously described.  Regular stretching is your lifetime access pass to all-you-can-sweat WODs.

Stretch It Out