Do You Want to Build a Burpee?

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Created in the late 1930's by physiologist Royal H. Burpee while doing research for his applied physiology doctorate, which looked at measuring a person's physical fitness, the Burpee has become the most hated or most loved exercise... mainly by your fitness instructors. It requires total body involvement and has a high metabolic demand. That means we can get the metabolism revving and scorch those calories. In boot camp classes around the globe, it's our go-to exercise when we want to add a little spice to the end of our sessions; draining everything we got left in the tank to celebrate our workout.

If you think about it, the burpee can be found in our everyday lives. Don't believe me?

When you trip and fall forward onto the ground, you got to get back up. There's a burpee. For the parents out there, when you're playing with your children, you usually find yourself on the floor, then have to bounce back up onto your feet when someone's knocking at the door. There's a burpee.

Knee Tuck Jump Burpee

It's honestly quite the sneaky "little"exercise.

With that being said, the burpee does offer some functional benefits when executed correctly. It's not that crazy, if you think about it.