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My 15 minutes at the #FitnessWorks Holiday Global Town Hall

On December 20, 2020, I joined the amazing Lawrence Biscontini (@findLawrence) and 20 other inspiring fitness professionals and influencers from around the world at the FitnessWorks Global Virtual Town Hall, a 5-hour online event.

For 15 minutes, we talked about our holiday traditions, the state of fitness in our geographical regions, how we’ve adapted to this current season of life with the pandemic, resilience, and our favourite holiday treats.

Lawrence, Happiness Wellness Movement Coach and a fitness industry veteran, started the FitnessWorks "stayvention" at the start of the pandemic to put a spotlight on how fitness professionals have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. Fit pros were offering their services for FREE, online, at the expense of their livelihoods for a long period of time. This prompted fitness mentors to sound the alarm to remind personal trainers, instructors, and coaches alike to not devalue the investments they put in themselves to be among the best life transformers.

The Holiday Edition of FitnessWorks was the perfect event to end a year that saw the nurturing and growth of my own “Speaking” journey that started with the Project H.O.P.E. Webinar Series led by SGT Ken® and Stephanie Weichert, followed by hosting a session at the Canfitpro Virtual Conference in October 2020.

Check out my 15-minute spot with Lawrence Biscontini at the FitnessWorks Global Town Hall Holiday Event.

Or, listen to it here on Spotify:

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