It's Okay to Take a Break

Updated: Apr 7

It’s OK to Take a Break.

YES! I said it. It’s OK to Take a Break. It’s definitely OK. It’s more than OK. Have I said "OK" enough times?

When the pandemic started back in March 2020, we were forced to take a break and reassess what we were doing with our careers, our passions, and our lives. However, that break was more like hitting the brakes to change course quickly.

In fact, the anxiety that was brought on by the uncertainty of the coronavirus, didn’t let us take a break. We were scrambling to figure out how to support our families, to protect ourselves, to continue generating income, and to ensure our purpose is not threatened. We even looked at redefining our purpose.

However, still with anxiety and cautiousness, a lot of people have, nevertheless, managed to adapt. Fitness professionals, among many others, have started finding their grooves in the online space. Others have sought to take up a new skill like cooking, or even a new pass time, like blogging or painting.

Taking a break doesn’t necessarily mean to stop and drop everything, simply to sit down with a bag of chips and binge your favourite show every day. It’s pausing what you’re currently doing and giving more attention to other things that may need some prioritized attention.

In the fitness world, when you’re training, breaks, also known as rest periods or rest days, are opportunities for your body to prioritize muscular repair and growth and to re-energize.