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Opportunity Comes from Within | The Mindfully Resilient Podcast Ep 33

In this unscripted episode of The Mindfully Podcast, after leading my Tactical Fit Online class, a high intensity virtual group workout program, I was inspired to celebrate the efforts of the class participants, who, on January 21, 2021, completed a feat that helped them discover a new potential, elevating the bar.

Have you ever completed 100 reps of an exercise in 23 minutes? They did!!! 5 exercises, 100 reps each.

As a coach, it's an honour to be a part of their experience, but I'm simply a lighthouse. They grabbed hold of the helm and navigated through a demanding workout. It was all them, I just guided them.

Sometimes, we look for answers, externally, when all along, the answers is within us.

Let's CELEBRATE their accomplishment. Please SHARE this episode with your friends on social media.

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