Six Low Impact Moves to Help Strengthen the Lower Back

Being in quarantine or following "stay-at-home" orders has been a challenge to keep our bodies mobile. Even with a 30 minute workout session, it's easy to forget to regularly get up from our seats the rest of the day. I usually recommend that we stand up every 40 minutes, or so, and walk around with proper posture and core engagement, for 5 to10 minutes to prevent the muscles and joints from getting tense or locking up.

For many, sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time can cause some grief for the lower back, as well. Regular mobility and flexibility workouts is key to help mitigate muscular pain and soreness.

Try some or all of these low back and core drills in your next workout session. Better yet, include these movements as part of your active recovery day.

  • Side Lying T-Stretch with Foam Roller* (per side)

  • Modified Pendulum (Alternating)

  • Hip Thrusters

  • Half Back Bends

  • Figure-4 Stretch (per side)

  • Child’s Pose

*If you don't have a foam roller, you can use another form of elevation like a yoga block or

simply, the bottom leg mirroring the top leg, as illustrated below.