The Home Workout Strategy

Updated: Apr 19

Have you taken the time to check in with your physical activity habits lately? How have they been holding up during the COVID-19 pandemic? Has nothing changed in your regular exercise routines? Or, are you finding yourself working out a lot more than you were when the gyms and fitness studios were fully open? If this is the case for you, keep it going. Celebrate each and every workout, walk, run, or stretch, no matter how small of a movement it is, or if it’s only 10 or 15 minutes long.

I have seen a surge of people embracing the home-workout. Participating in online classes, personal training sessions, downloading the latest workout app, or following their favourite fitness professional on social media and following along to their free live workouts. Usually, in the mornings, I'd see an average of 10-15 live broadcasts going on simultaneously on Instagram from fit pros leading their own workouts.

In the beginning of physical distancing protocols, I hosted virtual workouts through Facebook Live twice a week. It was a means to keep some sort of normalcy for myself, to stay on my game, and keep the momentum going for my athletes.

And I also uploaded the recordings of those live classes onto YouTube for those who wished to do the workout at a different time or who need a little inspiration for their own workout programs.  As of this post, I've been running my Tactical Fit classes 3 times a week over Zoom Teleconferencing.