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You Are Worthy. Believe in Yourself.

Updated: May 12, 2022

Although we're one year into this crazy rollercoaster of a pandemic, we must still maintain our healthy habits. And I’m not just talking about hand washing and wearing masks. I’m talking about eating healthy, taking your essential vitamins and minerals, regular exercise and movement, and training the mind to be more resilient. Why not throw in, as well, nurturing relationships and seeking a growth mindset?

Possessing a growth mindset in the past 12 months has been essential in order to thrive. Just a few weeks ago, I completed an empowering 45-day Growth Plan Mastermind, with a small and intimate group, led by SGT Ken®, discussing the lessons taught in the chapters from John C. Maxwell’s book, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.”

It allowed me to be honest and vulnerable without any judgement provided.

In the beginning, it was seriously hard to fully open up, quarrelling with an irrational fear of judgment, even with the pre-established trust I had in the group. However, what I got from this mastermind group was an unconditional belief and support in my potential and the impact I can create in the world around me.

Blog Author Coach Josef

I’ve learned what it takes to climb that ladder to be the best version of myself. To set the stage to see my legacy lived through others.

I, now, have a better understanding on the beliefs that limit my growth. The kind of mentors that I must reach out to. When things are unknown or beyond my control, changing my thought process from "Can I?" to "HOW Can I?" And knowing that in order to thrive, I must help others thrive in their journeys.

The honest and raw stories shared in the Growth Plan Mastermind program, were truly inspiring. It reminded me that I am worthy, I have what it takes, and have the mentors I need to create beautiful and impactful art. I simply need to believe in myself.

I was among some of the most amazing people. In Episode 36 of The Mindfully Resilient Podcast, my friend and mastermind peer, Amanda, shared her relationship with worthiness. Her journey is a beautiful reminder that you are worthy; that you are enough, regardless of what you may have been led to believe throughout your life.

Telling yourself you’re not worthy, that you feel like you’re not amounting to anything, and letting impostor syndrome take over, is easy. As humans, we’re drawn to take the path of least resistance. Growth for yourself and helping others grow require a dedicated effort and discipline. The ego doesn’t want to leave the comforts of despair, so we don’t permit ourselves to admit that we are worthy. We do this to avoid hurting our egos, yet we are hurting our esteem and hindering the possibility of wonderful, life-changing opportunities.

sign stating your are worthy of love.

We are put in certain places on purpose because we are meant to be there in some shape or form. Some may consider it a divine intervention. Whatever you believe it to be, each and every one of us has a unique gift to share with the world. There’s absolutely no reason to think of yourself any less and to allow that negative self-talk seep in. GET THAT TRASH OUT OF YOUR HEAD, ASAP! If you continuously master your craft, honing your skills to amplify your gifts, then you deserve to be where you are to make an impact.

Other times, you may simply be in circles that don’t deserve what you have to offer. Don’t worry! It’s not you. The people you find in these crowds avoid acknowledging vulnerability, which results in their insecurities manifesting as blame towards you. Whatever is their problem, it is not your problem. It was an enlightening lesson while I worked the office life.

I would be lying if I told you that I'm immune to attacks on my self-worth. My feelings of unworthiness arise when I feel business is slow, I’m not up there with my peers/counterparts, when class numbers are low, or when I'm tired and need sleep.

Sometimes, it's falling into the comparison trap, especially with social media, seeing what others are doing and thinking to myself that I could never amount to that. And still, on occasion, I trip the wire. Especially during the growing fierce competition in the online fitness space.

Man with a captivating spring sunset.

However, it’s by remembering, on a regular basis, the stories of transformation and impact from those around me that help me focus on HOW I can continue to serve THEM.

The opportunities will open up as a result. It’s a process and the NOW is laying down the next level for the lives I have yet to change.

What is one thing that can remind you that you are enough, that you are worthy? It could be helping someone feel good about themselves or find a solution to a problem. Perhaps you learned something new and applied it, which resulted in creating a positive influence and change.

Whatever it is, pick one and smile with a glow of worthiness. You play an influential and impactful role in at least one person's life. That's the only proof you need to know that you are enough, that you are worthy.

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