You Are Worthy. Believe in Yourself.

Updated: May 12

Although we're one year into this crazy rollercoaster of a pandemic, we must still maintain our healthy habits. And I’m not just talking about hand washing and wearing masks. I’m talking about eating healthy, taking your essential vitamins and minerals, regular exercise and movement, and training the mind to be more resilient. Why not throw in, as well, nurturing relationships and seeking a growth mindset?

Possessing a growth mindset in the past 12 months has been essential in order to thrive. Just a few weeks ago, I completed an empowering 45-day Growth Plan Mastermind, with a small and intimate group, led by SGT Ken®, discussing the lessons taught in the chapters from John C. Maxwell’s book, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.”

It allowed me to be honest and vulnerable without any judgement provided.

In the beginning, it was seriously hard to fully open up, quarrelling with an irrational fear of judgment, even with the pre-established trust I had in the group. However, what I got from this mastermind group was an unconditional belief and support in my potential and the impact I can create in the world around me.

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