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A 35-minute empowering in-studio and virtual group workout where you don't need any fancy equipment, just your body. Each class ends with a mindful cool-down and stretching component.  Adapted exercises are provided to ensure a safe and fun experience. 

Even in a virtual setting, using Zoom, you get live coaching throughout each session.

How does Tactical Fit create impact?

"My favourite part is the mindful cool down." - Mika G.

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No judgement. Only support and inspiration.

We all have an origin story and may be timid to share it.  From the moment you sign in, you're immediately welcomed into a circle of individuals, with their own story, ready to be your lighthouse.  Tactical Fit is more than just a group workout and sweat; it lights a spark within your heart.

Fitness coaching made accessible.

The Tactical Fit program was created to provide live fitness coaching at an affordable price and without the need to buy any fancy equipment. You don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home with the online option. Each workout is designed to challenge the body and your potential. Some sessions will be timed-based exercises, while others will be repetition-based.
If you're joining us virtually, we'll occasionally use common household items to create turn up challenge.  You'll be amazed at what we can do with just a beach towel.

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You'll be happy you did.

Get More. Save More.

Save a little with the 6-Class Pass. You'll be able to easily book your sessions on the go, through the Coach Josef website or the Members App

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