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Rock Out With the Band | Resistance Band Home Workout

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

I love the strength band. It's true. You must be wondering how can someone love a massively oversized rubber elastic band?

Well, let me count the ways...

It's affordable. Starting at an average of $15 CAD, you can easily build a collection of bands with various tension options, as part of your home gym, without breaking the bank.

The lightest band I have, which is listed at $14.70 CAD on (as of the time of this post), can provide 15 lbs to 35 lbs of variable tension. Imagine how much that would cost in dumbbells. Let's have fun with the math. Shall we? At the average price of $1 per pound, add up one dumbbell per weight level (15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 lbs), we'd be looking at $150 for the complete set of singles and $300 if we bought pairs. Please, don't take this the wrong way, I love dumbbells and kettlebells, but if you're on a budget, the strength band is your best option.

It's portable. It's a piece of equipment that you can take anywhere for a great workout. Take them with you on a business trip or when you escape to cottage country. And, as a mobile in-home personal trainer, portability is important. I simply bunch them all up and throw them into the gym bag.

It's variable. The strength band provides immediate feedback and increasing resistance as soon as you exert force. That means, when the band is in a relaxed state, you guessed it, you're not carrying the weight. It's variable tension also helps with the safe execution of an exercise, especially for beginners, and there's also reduced pressure on the skeletal structure in extended positions.

It's versatile. From the beginner to the seasoned gym rat, the strength band offers a whole range of movement options. It can serve as a stand-alone resistance tool or provide an amplification to a loaded exercise, like a barbell deadlift, bench press, etc. In my home gym, the heaviest kettlebells are 50 lbs; however, if I want to challenge myself, I'll tie a strength band to the KB.

It can also serve as an aide to offer a boost to the pull-up, chin-up, or muscle-up. Finally, it can facilitate and amplify your mobility and flexibility session.

Want to Try a Total Body Strength Band Workout?

I see you totally digging the strength band, now. The movement possibilities are numerous, if not endless. Here's a great workout idea that incorporates the strength band as a stand-alone resistance exercise tool. Work with a tension that challenges you in the last 2 reps of each round, while still maintaining good form.

Go 3 rounds of...

  • 15 Single-Arm Thruster with Twist (LEFT)

  • 15 Single-Arm Thruster with Twist (RIGHT)

  • 15 Reverse Lunge (LEFT)

  • 15 Reverse Lunge (RIGHT)

  • 15 Hip Hinge to Row

Rest 1-2 minutes, then complete 3 rounds of...

  • 15 Standing Chest Press

  • 15 Low Chest Fly

  • 15 Shoulder Press & Pull Apart

  • 15 High Pull 15 Tricep Extension

  • 15 Front Raise Twist

Take 30 seconds of rest in between rounds and keep exercise transition times under 30 seconds but, listen to your bodies, rest as needed. If you feel like you need to take a longer rest, take an extra few seconds.

As with any workout, your goal is to reach muscle fatigue and push to failure, SAFELY.



Please consult with a physician before starting any exercise routine. You understand that participating in physical exercise under which could put you at risk for injury. You hereby state that you voluntarily participate in these activities and assume all risks of injury that may result from these activities. In agreeing to participate in exercise programming, in-person or online, you accept all responsibility and waive any legal recourse against Coach Josef Serfaty, Coach Suzanne Serfaty, and CLG Fitness from any and all claims resulting from personal injuries, illness, death, damages, loss, or expenses sustained from participating in such programs.

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