The 55-Workout Reloaded | 30-Minute Bodyweight Home Workout

Years ago, one of the first quick bodyweight workouts I got out of Men's Health Magazine was The 55-Workout. It's a simple, conditioning-based program that only has 2 exercises: the push-up and the squat. You start with 10 push-ups, follow it with 1 squat, rest from 0 to 30 seconds, at most, and then complete 9 push-ups and 2 squats. You then continue the process until you complete 1 push-up and 10 squats. By the end of it all, you will push through a total of 55 push-ups and 55 squats.

It's a wonderful workout routine that you can do anywhere and it's perfect at any level of fitness. For the beginner, you can rest longer between sets and perform the modified versions of the push-ups, e.g. on the "knees," (check out my blog on the Push-up Progression) and squats, e.g. half range of motion. And for the advanced, you can make each move spicier by slowing down the movements; doing loaded squats or jump squats in lieu of regular squats; going through 2 rounds, working your back up/down the reps; or, eliminate the rest and transition periods. With the latter, you'll be doing a burpee as a transition. Why not add a little more fire?

This is a "no excuses workout." Typically, this workout can be completed in less than 15 minutes, making it perfect for the busy mom and dad. Alternatively, if you take out the rest times, you can complete in less than 4. This makes it perfect as a finishing segment of a total body workout.

The 55-Workout Reloaded

In this version I prepared for a Tactical Fit Online class in January 2021, we’re amping it up further by adding 30 sec intervals in between the push-ups and squat sets.

Try to keep the rest & transition times under 30 seconds, but rest longer if you need to. In the live workout, I kept those times closer to 15 seconds on average.